August 14, 2013

wednesday at the office

Boring outfit today - I'm really enjoying this cold I have and it makes me not really care what I'm wearing because I don't really want to be at work. These were taken right before I left early - I couldn't deal with the throbbing head any longer. Fun times. The good news is if I stay home from work tomorrow I'll be around to accept a package that I am SO excited about. Happy early birthday me!

t-shirt ~ Gap
snood ~ American Eagle Outfitters I think
jeans ~ Hudson via Holt Renfrew
brogues ~ Dr. Marten via Gravity Pope
ring ~ MM6 Maison Martin Margiela via SSENSE

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Peggy said...

you're getting cuter and cuter!!!! i had a pair of shoes like that back in my corporate american days. i really fell hard for Annie Hall and got kinda stuck there in mens wear land. I even used to wear ties. I'll see if I can find a pic.