August 20, 2013

tuesday at the office

I adore my new Rick Owens silk harem shorts, especially on a sweltering day like today. And despite getting strange looks here and there from coworkers (reminder - I work in IT for the government, so there's 2 strikes against wearing oddball clothing), no one really said anything except my boss who said it looked like a prison outfit. HA!

blouse ~ Care of You via YOOX
shorts ~ Rick Owens via YOOX
flatforms ~ Joe Fresh
necklace ~ Wunderkammer

And a little something showed up in my mailbox today. There's a little pretty town called Perth about an hour north from here, and one day a while back I discovered an Etsy shop called Element41 located there where I bought a bunch of little nobium sleeper-type earrings for my multiple ear holes. I've been wearing them daily ever since, and have been desperate for a new nose ring for months, so I emailed Sue and she made me up a couple of nose rings. They turned out to be tinier than I expected but I managed to bend one a bit and fit it in my nose. It's great because it fits totally flush to my nose (on both sides). I didn't take a photo of it in because a closeup of my nose would be kind of gross. I did however order an awesome pair or simple U shaped earrings in a bronze finish that I think I'll be wearing alot as they're so minimal and classic. (Sorry that my earring photo turned out to be a bit too close - it turns out it's fairly difficult to take a photo of your own ear with a DSLR while trying to focus).

4 notes:

jen@closetrivalry said...

i won't form an opinion on these pants until you wear them with a tight top (you're going against the only one baggy item rule!).

kim. said...

that won't happen then until i magically get a firm stomach because these shorts have a pretty tight non-flattering elastic waistband

ODYSSEY said...

I like your spiky earrings a lot.
I have those shorts, too - my first RO purchase a couple of years ago.

kim. said...

Thanks! I realized I was technically wearing them backwards in these pics. The thicker/longer end looks better at the front.
Love the shorts - comfy beyond belief.