August 13, 2013

tuesday at the office

I've got the beginnings of a cold, so I wore my comfiest cotton everything today and not much makeup but thought some bright lipstick would make me not look so awful. And OMG I can't stand my hair and need to make an appointment in the next couple of weeks. Darker for sure. MUCH.

vest & sleeveless t-shirt ~ Rick Owens Drkshdw via YOOX
jeans ~ Citizens of Humanity via Holt Renfrew
flatforms ~ Joe Fresh (grocery store)
bracelet ~ Beaded Dreams
ring ~ bow-shackle from Home Depot (thanks to Love Aesthetics)

4 notes:

kim. said...

she's forgiven cause she's cute. jeff and i got it at the exact same time yesterday. but now his is coupled with stomach issues. FUN.

Peggy said...

OMG that orange lipstick! Divine! That ring, I must have it. Those shoes heaven. But babe, you gotta cute body. That jacket is too big. stop hiding your body! Or are you enjoying loose clothes? Cuz I get a lot of criticism from friends who think i wear my clothes too baggy and don't show enough cleavage. Having big boobs, I'm kinda over the cleavage thing. Sometimes dudes act like they've never seen a tit before. I'd much rather be flat chested. I'd love to go braless, especially in this heat. I'm hoping Medicare pays for breast reductions, but hey, you're familiar with the ridiculous bureaucracy here.

kim. said...

i like a mix of loose and tight. i thought the skinny jeans and white vesty thing were a good combo.
i don't have time to go to a gym or do any exercise besides my walks to/from work so wearing all tight stuff is not going to happen because i have problem areas you all don't need to see.
P.S. when julia and I got our breast reductions it was covered by health care (tho' soon after it became no longer covered)