August 16, 2013

the rick owens motherload

As I mentioned yesterday, a package arrived of Rick Owens goodies. It didn't stop there. Another package arrived shortly thereafter with a sweet pair of boots. I took some photos of the everything...

The top I must return (or sell to someone in the next couple of days) that is the most gorgeous thing I have ever owned, sadly. The draping, especially on the back, is unlike anything I have ever seen. Damn you Rick for designing your clothes for chest-less, skinny bitches. (Anthem S/S 2011, 100% silk)

This one is really pretty too, and again too small for me, but thanks to the draping I can squeeze into it and I think make it work. (Not sure what season this is from - no tags inside, 100% silk)

These harem shorts may look really odd on the hanger but they look decent on. (Anthem S/S 2011, 100% silk)

LOVE these Drkshdw jeans (Detroit Cut Stretch). Fabulous fit (although they only had one size in stock, a size larger than I usually take so I will have to belt them), fabulous wash and I love the raw detail at the hem (maybe they're supposed to be hemmed since they're pretty long but I'm going to see how they do left alone). And they were a score @ $49.

So the boots. These went down to 80% off @ LN-CC and since I had my eye on them for a while, trying to decide if they were cool or just too strange and clunky, I decided to hell with it, at least they'll keep my legs warm in winter. :) I must mention again that LN-CC rocks for not charging duty/taxes. Besides Lane Crawford, they're the only non-Canadian shop I know of that carries Rick Owens (and other fab designers) and includes these costs in their price.
I must add that my husband thinks these are hideous, and swears Rick copied them from The Empire Strikes Back movie. Whatevs. (Mountain A/W 2012)

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Joanna Haughton said...

That first top is seriously gorgeous.

kim. said...

isn't it? which is why i am devastated to have to part with it.



Ps. The boots are awesome and they are on my wish list.

Aida Russell said...

Hey there,
I live in Australia and been eyeing some ok I am lying lots of Rick Owens collections. Which is the best website I should go to to get them? Advise please.

Aida Russell

kim. said...

:) Maybe you should have taken advantage of LN-CC's 80% sale too

kim. said...

Hey Aida
I'm not sure as I live in Canada and have to worry about taxes/duty...I assume that is a concern in Australia as well. Your best bet is to stick to sites that either include these fees or show you up front what all these fees will be. YOOX will show you all fees up front - and all of their products are from past seasons so pretty decent discounts. LN-CC and Lane Crawford include these fees so they only charge a small amount for shipping. Luisaviaroma includes these fees but I find their prices are higher than most. I try to stick to Canadian shops like SSENSE so I won't get dinged any of that. You may want to scope out Australian stores that carry RO. I'm sure that are alot more Australian shops than Canadian so you're lucky. :)

Peggy said...

love, love, love the draping of the top. but, kim, babe. those pants yuk! I hate dropped pants - maybe it's cuz i live in the ghetto - do the kids wear their pants falling off their ass there too? any time you drop the crotch is looks like you gotta load in your pants, lol, but true. P.S. please remember that your body is beautiful. Nice boobs, great legs, cute butt. don't hide it! if you got it - and girl you do - flaunt it!!!!

kim. said...

the drop in those shorts really aren't that drop-y since it's silk and drapey. you'll see. outfit coming this week since it's supposed to be HOT.