August 7, 2013

serious sale

I recently discovered that London based LN-CC has VERY reasonable shipping and their prices include duty and taxes. They are right now at the end of their up-to-80%-off summer sale and before almost all the good stuff was gone, I snagged a pair of Jil Sander elasticized pants for $125. They're a bit too big (the joys of online shopping) but whatever, they are ridiculously comfy and I don't really own any black pants so I am pleased. (Sorry for the shitty pics - it's rainy and dark out)

3 notes:

Lyn said...

Hah - is that cat hair? I ask because ALL of my black clothes are instantly covered with same. Love the pants, BTW.

kim. said...

that's cat hair and every other kind of fluff you can imagine. :)