August 15, 2013

oh what a day

I'm home today with a throbbing head and a cold. Jen developed hemorroids - like she needed more drama with this pregnancy - so she just texted that she's off to the hospital because they keep coming back. (Reason # 254 why I'm sticking with pets instead of kids). So all in all things are just peachy around here. To make things a bit better and worse at the same time, a package arrived for me just now, with 4 Rick Owens items I broke down and ordered from YOOX because they were marked down ALOT. (The only reason I ordered them - as shipping/duty/taxes is a little nuts).

I feel like crap so I'll take pics tomorrow, but I do have to say how disappointed I am in this top.

It is absolutely beautiful in person but OMG it's so tiny and doesn't fit me AT ALL. EVER. And it's supposedly a US 8. That could not be further from the truth. I want to cry because I really love it and just blew about $350. So if anyone is interested in this top, I'll sell it for less than I paid. And I won't charge you duty/tax :). I think I can return it too. UGH!!!!!

3 notes:

Peggy said...

OMG! Draping is just killing me these days! I guess it's in. Wow. When I win the lottery, let's shop. I'm gonna buy every draped piece I can find. Oops - they probably don't have them plus sizes.

Peggy said...

BTW - i pin a lot of your stuff here. do you somehow get notified? i noticed your blog is getting pinned a lot.

kim. said...

i think drapey clothes can be troublesome - because it may look like you're trying to hard to cover things up. a slim fitting drapey piece = the shit. :)

i hate pinterest and have nothing to do with it (it's an easy way of stealing other people's pics often without proper linking back to original source - the reason why i hate tumblr sites too). so no, i don't get notified. you mean my outfits show up on pinterest??