August 17, 2013

hair and stuff

This is just a quick post while I take a break from getting chores done around the house. I did manage to paint my desk (from this to this - I'll take more pics later for my page) but I'm still feeling totally nauseous from the paint fumes. BLEH. Anyway, I've been thinking about how much my hair is boring and driving me nuts, so I made an appointment with my stylist next Friday. I have an idea so if anyone wants to offer up their opinions, feel free. Because I may be completely out to lunch.
I saw the following photo on the tumblr site of Metro Bulot Dodo, a really cool chick who has the most incredible wardrobe.

I know - we look nothing alike. I'm not Asian, my hair is blond and short, and I weigh about 40 lbs more than her but here is my idea. Imagine the hair above as a short cut (she has the back pinned up). I'm sick of blond so I want to go dark (dark brown I guess - I can't have anything with red in it - never stays long). I can have the back layered a bit more than I have now since this cut would focus on the front. I'd consider having those layered bangs in front if they don't interfere with my damn glasses too much, then I'd love to get extensions on the front pieces like she has hanging down in the front. (Although I have no clue where to get extensions). So am I nuts? Unless someone has a better idea? I love funky hair, especially when there's long mixed with short - I like the unexpectedness of that. So there you have it.

Before I go, can I just tell you how much I love this entire Rick Owens outfit?

I want it all something fierce. The top, the leggings (both from the Lilies line) and the wedge boots. Thanks SSENSE for the craving.

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Peggy said...

Love that hair in the first pic!!!! hate the dropped pants. yuk. love the draped assymetric dress, tights and boots. I want a whole wardrobe made of gray sweat shirt material.