August 3, 2013

Complex Geometries

While my husband takes a turn upstairs with Edgar (he's in such bad shape today he can barely lift his head), I thought I'd do a quick post about a Canadian clothing line I'm super excited about. I had noticed Rick Owens-wearing folks on Instagram wearing pieces by Complex Geometries, and when I finally found my way to the website, I was surprised to find out the designer, Clayton Evans, is based in Montreal. You know what this means = reasonable shipping costs! So I devoured his website and found all sorts of awesomeness - basics with just the right amount of intrigue thanks to perfect draping and shapes...

axis dress
the just
wave t

tide skirt

lynch t

block t
junction dress

sway tunic 
raglan tunic 

square hood t

4 notes:

Julia @ thebooandtheboy said...

I am soooooo in love with everything you posted. Give Edgar a kiss for me.

kim. said...

he died right about when you left this comment :(

Anonymous said...

you did your best for Edgar. You loved him & he felt it.

kim. said...

thank you. it's still hard to grasp the fact that he's gone. it took everything in me not to cry when i went to the vets yesterday to get meds for Cheeks and picked up his empty crate.