August 5, 2013

31 weeks

It's me! Sorry I've been absent for so long, but there hasn't been anything blog worthy up in here lately. I've been living in leggings, ribbed tanks, and my Toms and I figured no one wanted to see that on repeat. This morning we were heading out the door to the zoo, and I realized I was wearing something decent...hence a post that marks 31 weeks of baby cooking. My doctor gave me some new meds last week and finally I'm not nauseous anymore. It couldn't have ended at a better time, since I'm really large and all around uncomfortable these days. One major pregnancy symptom at a time is all I can mentally handle.

We went to Montreal this past weekend for a day at Osheaga (which was AMAZING) and I of course did a little shopping (this jean jacket and my shoes are new) so I'll at least be back once more this week with my purchases. If you miss me you can always find me on Instagram.

jacket: H&M
dress: Old Navy
shoes: Hibou via Little Burgundy
bracelets: H&M

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Very impressing!


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