July 17, 2013

wednesday at the office

denim vest ~ Gap (formerly a jacket)
tank ~ old...Allegro maybe
skirt ~ H&M
pumps ~ Jeffrey Campbell's Yield via Plum for Polly
bracelets ~ a local store now closed
rings ~ bought in Puerto Vallarta

11 notes:

jen@closetrivalry said...

that skirt looks great. i love fitted things on you!

Joanne McIntyre said...

Awesome outfit! It's sooo slimming and I love the colors!

Lyn said...

Looking really good today, Kim.

Jennifer Romero said...

This skirt is so flattering on you! Love this look!!

Peggy said...

Wow! Hot mamma! I think you should consider wearing clothes closer to your body more often. You really look hot.

J said...

Agreed! My first thought was "wow, she looks hot", figure flattering things work great on you!! Love that skirt!

Anonymous said...

I agree with peggy...you look really good!

kim. said...

thanks everyone!

for the record, i do have to be careful with body-con clothing as I have no hips and I don't work out at all (really wish I had time to) so I've got some problem areas that need to be carefully hidden. this top not being too tight saved the day.

Anonymous said...

Supa sexy look!