July 3, 2013

wednesday at the accountants and the office

I had an appointment with my new (first) accountant this morning before heading to work. I found out the house my husband and I have wanted to build for 3 years now needs to be put on hold a few more years. I could not be more bummed. My current home is falling apart day by day and drives me more and more insane but we have to live with this a while longer if we don't want to be living on ketchup soup for the next several years. My shopping for clothing etc. is going to have to calm the frig down too now that I've had this wake up call. Overall, a real downer of a day I gotta say. A coworker commented on my all-white outfit today. I said I apparently needed it to keep my mood light. Tomorrow I may dress in all black. Might be more suitable. And then everyone had better stay the hell out of my office. :)

vest ~ DRKSHDW by Rick Owens via YOOX
t-shirt ~ Aritzia
jeans ~ Joe Fresh
sandals ~ Aldo
necklace ~ vintage Norwegian via eBay
bracelet ~ Samantha Howard Vintage

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Anonymous said...

Bummer about the new house... We're about to renovate, so I know something about laying off the shopping (in my case, eBay is a bad one) for a while... It'll be tough, but I'm sure you'll be building your dream house soon. Have you got plans for it already?
In any case, I'll keep checking in for new outfits anyway ;D

kim. said...

we had initially planned on doing a massive renovation/addition...got plans which turned out to be garbage because the architect didn't know a very important city rule so we scrapped everything. glad it turned out that way because my house is too much in a bad state to work with it. so we were going to have to start all over. now we just have to wait some more.

Anonymous said...

You mean it's not structurally sound enough to renovate? Have you thought of just selling it now (granted, I have no idea of how the Ottawa housing market is doing)?...

kim. said...

every inch of the house is crap (not properly insulated 100 years later, foundation has leaky cracks everywhere....). so no, not worth renovating. i could sell but i'll never find a piece of land downtown or a tear-down that I can afford again so all i'll be able to get is a another fixer-upper. if i hang on to this i at least have options.

vanessa said...

So sorry about your news to put off the house reno for a few years. That's gotta be painful!!
I'm looking forward to seeing every step of the house planning once you're ready on DTI but for CR, it'll be fun to see how you maximize your current wardrobe. I'm all in for seeing you mix and match things you already have.

kim. said...

Painful isn't strong enough of a word. :)