July 19, 2013

the calm before the storm

We just had a torrential downpour which was supposed to result in a tornado or something but this is Canada for crissakes so I don't know what's up with that - anyway, right before it started Canada Post dude showed up at my door with a parcel I wasn't expecting for another day or 2. Gawd I love SSENSE. I got sick of wearing the same 2 pairs of shorts over and over so I ordered 2 pairs right before SSENSE shut down their summer sales - when they offered an extra 20% off the sale price. The following were already 70% off. WOHOO!!!

First, the most comfy shorts on the planet, dark khaki probalia folded shorts by Silent by Damir Doma. I will live in these for the rest of the summer. And next summer too. They fit perfectly. I love elastic waists. :)

I am completely baffled by these Current/Elliott shorts. I don't like anything tight on my waist because I have flubber and no one needs to see that, so I usually go for a 28 these days in denim. As soon as I pulled these out of the box I knew they were huge. I ordered a 29 because I definitively like my shorts loose on the waist. I put these on and they slid right down to my ankles. Held up against a pair of 29 jeans I have, these about 2 inches wider. (OMFG I just noticed the description starts with 'Flared oversize jean shorts...' AAAGGGHHH!!!!) I'm not sure they will even work with a belt so if anyone is interested in buying these of off me for $45 let me know. DAMN

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kim. said...

:-) 90% off is hard to resist.