July 3, 2013

package 2 + 3

SSENSE was smart enough to put my 2 orders in the same package so all arrived yesterday and I picked it up at the post office this morning. I can't say I'm overly ecstatic about any of it. I'll explain.

 First up, a heather grey jersey (sleeves) and neoprene blazer by Denis Gagnon (a designer from Montreal!)

I bought a medium and to my shock a small would have fit better. AND I noticed 2 flaws in the neoprene. Thank gawd it was 70% off because I would be super pissed. It also doesn't really stay closed like on the model - maybe because I actually have boobs. I might need to use a nice brooch to keep it sitting nicely. Here's what it looked like on the site.

With the jacket I also ordered a MM6 Maison Martin Margiela flat matte copper ring. Also 70% off. It's cute but looks and feels like plastic. (I REALLY wanted this one but it is still over $200)

I saw this Edun vest for 70% off and jumped on it because I love anything green/cargo/army style. It came in S/M or M/L. I picked M/L (maybe that was all they had left) and it feels a bit big also. But I like it. Very cool mix of fabrics (canvas, and the back is mostly silk).

I just noticed the collar part is supposed to be buttoned open - looks much better.

Saw these J Brand patchwork jeans (also 70% off) and they reminded me of Rick Owens so I had to grab them. I got them in my typical 'designer' jean size and they are SMALL. And TIGHT. And THICK. Pretty bummed overall.

P.S. All of these are now sold out.

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