July 15, 2013

monday at the office

...and yet another scorcher. I am so uninspired these days - it's hard to try and look cute when makeup melts off your face and you sweat out of every single pore. But I'm really not complaining (as I look back at my thermostat to see it still says 30), just feel the need to apologize for my outfits. I'm bummed that I have a few new things I haven't been able to wear yet. (This all explains the face in photo #1)

Oh - and I am dropping off a shirt and leather jacket at a lovely reader's home tomorrow....lots more goodies in my shop! (even after my sisters get their hands on stuff)

bunny blouse ~ H&M
shorts ~ Garage (need a replacement...)
flats ~ Aldo
necklace ~ Wunderkammer
bracelet ~ Balenciaga
rings ~ DIY

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