July 13, 2013

keeping it casual

This is what I wore yesterday to do some errands (pet store, bank etc.). Exciting stuff. I do love the top despite it making me look kinda huge. It's super soft and comfy. While on the topic of hugeness, I'd really like to punch a certain retired plastic surgeon in the face for not making my boobs smaller than he did. Lazy bastard. Why go through all that pain (wow recuperating was a bitch - but that was 14 yrs ago) when they're still too damn big??!! I think it would help if I lose weight too. That's on my agenda. Despite the fact that I have zero spare time the hubby and I are going to start doing yoga (in the living room). We both need it badly. I'm tired of being out of shape (except my legs since they are my sole mode of transportation to work each day). Eating better is only half the battle (thanks weight watchers cookbooks). And while I'm listing off my annoyances, I am SOOOO going with my mom to meet with her plastic surgeon to talk about getting some sort of injection in my forehead to get rid of the frown lines I have that I photoshop out of each and every goddamn photo because it makes me look like I'm scowling all the time. Beyond annoying.
I think I need a drink.

P.S. I set up a set on Flickr of clothes/bags/jewelry/shoes I want to sell. After the sisters get their pick whatever is left will be available for you all (I still need to price them).

sleeveless sweater ~ Aritzia
denim shorts ~ Gap
leather gym bag ~ Yvonne Koné
sandals ~ I think Winners
rings ~ bought on the beach in Puerto Vallarta
necklace ~ Ponciana (Puerto Vallarta)
bracelet ~ gift from Greece

9 notes:

vanessa said...

Great summer outfit .... esp. love the bag.
You've got the best legs!!

kim. said...

Aw, thx!
I'm obsessed with the bag.

J said...

You're selling your Sam Edelman Parley booties?! What size are they?

gabriella said...

oh my gosh, once you price and decide what you are selling, if your "first real moto jacket" is available still, can i call dibs?!

kim. said...

Pretty sure the twin is buying those. (they're likely sz 9)

kim. said...

sure! sisters don't want it so it's for sale

gabriella said...

excellent! i would like to purchase! how do i go about this? (i am in ottawa, and could meet or what not)

gabriella said...

as well as the all saints ripple tee :)

kim. said...

details are in the description of this Flickr set