July 31, 2013

i love you ann demeulemeester

I am a huge fan of designer Ann Demeulemeester. I think I've mentioned this one or 8 times here on the blog. I'm especially fond of her footwear. Her sandals/boots/pumps are amazeballs, each and every season. With summer sales ramping up I decided to treat myself to a pair of her suede curved heel open toe booties from Mona Moore. Now, this shop is American but I figured the customs fees/duty etc. would be worth it considering the discount on the shoes. Let me say that I am never going to buy from any shop that doesn't provide all those fees up front (my favourite is when they cover those costs!), because my $361.50 shoes were actually $433 ($45 shipping, and then the exchange from USD to CAD) and then $133 when I picked them up for customs, taxes and handling. Not such an amazing deal after all. :(  Ah well, they rock so I'll just have to suck it up and chock it up to my own stupidity.
***** OMG I ordered sz 38 and they sent me 39 in a box marked 38. First no email that they were shipped, then when I emailed via contact form they didn't get it, and now this. For sure my last purchase there.