July 14, 2013

another scorcher

We were blessed with a day or 2 of normal summer weather, and today it's back to being scorching hot again. Awesome. So the hair got clipped, a super light shirt selected, shorts, and I was wearing my snakeskin print flip flops to run errands but I would have been wearing the ones in these photos had my feet been able to handle being enclosed.

P.S. My sisters need to confirm what items they're buying off of me, but I managed to quickly add prices and sizes to what ended up being a impromptu Flickr shop. Have a peek around. Details are in the description of the set, and I stuck a button in our sidebar for easy access. The more you buy off of me, the more new cool stuff I can pick up without feeling guilty! (all thanks again to my accountant)

top ~ Mango
denim shorts ~ H&M
sandals ~ Silent by Damir Doma's Sila via SSENSE
bag ~ Balenciaga's Day via Karen's shop
necklace ~ Ottawa Etsy shop strut

2 notes:

marissa said...

Is that Kate spade bag still for sale?

kim. said...

anything that doesn't say 'SOLD!!!!' is still for sale. including the Kate Spade. email me @ kim_j92@hotmail.com