June 25, 2013

tuesday at the office

Nothing like 40 degree weather when you live in a house with no AC, walk to work at 6:30 am when it's already 31 degrees, then show up at the office and find out the AC is essentially not working and it's like a sauna. I wore shorts and a light blouse and was dying and had a fan blasting my face most of the day. So awesome. I'm not complaining though, really. I'd take this over -40 ANY DAY. It makes picking outfits a little difficult. On a good note, perhaps because I was suffering from heat stroke last night, but I bought a couple of things on SSENSE now that their sale is up to 70% off. I love sales!!!

blouse ~ Care of You via YOOX
tank ~ Club Monaco
shorts ~ Garage
flats ~ Belle Sigerson Morrison via SSENSE (now 50% off!)
necklace ~ Wunderkammer
bracelet ~ Heavens to Betsy
ring ~ my husband found it at work

2 notes:

jen@closetrivalry said...

i can't believe you still have clothes from CM

kim. said...

hells yeah! their stuff is CLASSIC and lasts forever and ever