June 27, 2013

thursday at the office

OMG. A 4 day weekend starts now! It's been a rough week and I could not be happier to have the time off. It's still pretty much sweltering here so I pulled out one of the only dresses I own. And like all dresses, it isn't very flattering on my hip-less self but whatever. I didn't die of heat stroke at work so it did its job. I wonder if tying it a bit tighter to fake that I have hips would have helped. Next time.

dress ~ Sfera
sandals ~ Sila from Silent by Damir Doma via SSENSE (have I mentioned I would LOVE these in black too?)
spike bracelet ~ Heavens to Betsy
ring ~ BCBG

1 notes:

vanessa said...

Ahhhh, 4 day weekend... lucky you!! Have the best time off enjoying summer.
Love the dress change up!