June 5, 2013

park day

This morning started way too early for my liking. By 8 we'd already had way too many time outs, so we quickly packed up and headed to the park to meet some friends. I snuck these pics in before we left, despite protests from the grumpy one. So pardon Gia's soother and blanket, and temper tantrum in the corner. 
Thankfully her mood turned around the minute we were outside, and we enjoyed a lovely morning at a new park with old friends. There was a splash pad, and us moms thought it was too cold to pack bathing suits and towels. The kids decided it was plenty warm enough, so we stripped 'em down and watched the delight that ensued. Good times in the end!

sweater & jeans: Old Navy
shirt: Dynamite
ring & necklace: Mirma

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