June 30, 2013

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The other day I received an email from Aritzia that they were having a summer sale and there was an extra discount for those who had an account with them. It turned out to be about 40-50% off so I scooped up some basics that I can always use (I tend to stay away from 'boring clothes' and then end up lacking basics).
First I got a couple of dresses that I will typically wear with pants as tunics. It's the Wilfred Free Wasaga dress in heather grey and black ($28).

I hate the couple of white t-shirts I have so I got the Wilfred Free Bascule t-shirt ($25.60). Turns out it's completely see-through as they always are, so I'm going to invest in a freaking tight white or nude tank that I can wear under it and the others I have.

And a cool, casual sleeveless terry sweater - the TNA Kinney sweater ($28). Love the raw stringy edge detail.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Kim, I've been following your blog (from this side of the ocean ... Portugal) for some time now. Your decor and fashion choices are always an inspiration.

kim. said...

Hi anon from Portugal! :-) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering how tall you are and what size you got in the Wasaga dress? I'm about 5'9" and I'm considering buying a small from someone but I don't want it to hang too low...

kim. said...

i am about 5'6" and bought them in medium. they reach just above my knee (serious shrinkage with these if been in the dryer - . the grey one ended up in the dryer last time I washed it and now it's too tight and 2 inches shorter than the black).
it won't hang too low on you, and if you find it does they look great belted.