June 14, 2013

one more for the week

I had to take a detour home yesterday and headed down Elgin St. so I stopped in at a flower shop, my favourite antique shop (see what I bought on desire to inspire Sunday), and a clothing store that often has decent accessories (their clothing is too...prissy for my taste). It's called Red Velvet and last time I was in there I bought a really cute scarf. This time I was checking out their belt selection and was instantly intrigued. They had a bunch of really wide belts - not those 8' wide ones you wear up to your boobs, but wide enough to cram into regular belt loops (about 2') . I have had a slight obsession with wide leather belts ever since high school. I always thought they looked so cool and could make a boring outfit funky. I spotted one in a very dark brown fur and could not leave the store without it (by Canadian company called Brave). My small collection of belts SUCKS - everything is plastic and falling apart or just plain ugly and cheap. So this was a treat as it's made of REAL LEATHER! I think I'm in love with a belt.

I was re-inspired the other day when Jane of Sea of Shoes blogged an outfit that included a really wide D-ring belt. This is my ideal outfit. 

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