June 12, 2013

new in this week

I picked up my SSENSE package at the post office on my way home. Considering how not that visually exciting the 2 items in the box are, I am considerably pleased with my purchases. And BOTH were on SALE. :)

First up, a pair of beige crinkled leather sila cut out sandals by Silent by Damir Doma. FAB U LOUS. OMG. They are so comfy and I adore the raw look to them. Too bad SSENSE didn't get them in black.

And OMG. This next one is AMAZEBALLS. Not really visually but you gotta touch it to believe it. It's a grey and black speckled crewneck sweatshirt by T By Alexander Wang. Shockingly this is my first clothing item by Mr. Wang. It is one the softest things I own. I want to sleep in it. I agonized for a half hour whether I should buy a M or L (thinking I might want to wear a button up shirt under it). I finally settled on large but it's a bit big. Regardless, I am in love and I think you all should go order yourself one. I love that it's basically a sweatshirt but doesn't really look like one. Perfection. I want it in charcoal.

I also stopped at Hair Essentials (Bank St.) on the way home to find a product to use on my hair when it's curly. I've been using the paste I love for straight hair mixed with a bit of water so thought it was time to get proper product. This AG curl activator was recommended when I told my hair story to the woman working there, and she said I can bring it back if I don't like it so I'll give it a try and see.

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