June 3, 2013


There was a milestone of motherhood that I hit today....that point in time where your kid is independent enough to run around the park playing with all the kids and play structures while you hang out on a bench in the sun chatting with your friend while keeping a watchful eye. I've been waiting for this, and today it happened. And you know what...it was as awesome as I imagined! 

But back to the clothes...
A scarf? In June? It seems crazy right, especially when yesterday was almost 40 degrees. But today is a cool one, and we were headed to the farm where we'd be outside for the most part. 

On a separate note, I'm totally obsessed with Instagram and although I am mostly posting pics of Gianna, I vow to start updating outfit pics and such more often so come find me (jenlovespugley). I'd love to follow along with you too!

scarf: gift
cardi: Jacob
tee: Old Navy
jeans: Motherhood
flip flops: Urban Behavior
sunglasses: H&M

2 notes:

Jennifer Romero said...

Love the scarf! You have to be one of the cutest Pregos ever!!

kim. said...

OMG - that's called INDEPENDENCE. AMEN!