June 8, 2013

her & i

Husband decided to work this weekend so that when sun finally decides to return next week, we can head up to the cottage for an extra long weekend. So it's just me and Gia today. We had a lazy morning around the house, then quickly got ready to run some errands. She's my absolute favorite shopping buddy and can even make grocery shopping fun.

This outfit isn't much, but it's comfy, cute and the orange tank looks amazing with my little bit of a tan. Gia was in charge of the camera remote for todays pics, so most aren't in focus. We had so much fun taking them that I couldn't take it away from her!

On me:
chaambray shirt & leggings: Old Navy
tank: Motherhood
shoes: Aldo

On Gia:
jeans: Zara
cardi: H&M

3 notes:

kim. said...

LOL! Love that last pic.

vanessa said...

you two are so cute! i can't wait to see you as little threesome!!

jen@closetrivalry said...

me too...october is taking forever to get here!