June 7, 2013

friday play date

I am now off (the day job) every Friday until September so to celebrate my tiny dose of freedom I asked Jen if her and Gianna wanted to hang out. They stopped by this morning, we played with my herd of cats, and then took off to a huge toy store near my place and went to McDonalds (Gianna's request). I can't think of a better way to spend a cold, wet Friday off.
We took pics of our outfits with my camera on my porch and I tweaked them so this is a joint outfit post. Happy weekend!

Jen's outfit

shirt ~ American Eagle Outfitter, a hand-me-down she claims is from me but I don't recognize it
jeans ~ Old Navy maternity
rain boots ~ Hunter via Trust Fund
bracelets ~ Aldo

my outfit

jacket ~ Wilfred Free Rayder via Aritzia
t-shirt ~ Gap
jeans ~ Maison Scotch via YOOX
converse ~ ?
bag ~ Alexander Wang Donna hobo via Soraya
ring ~ bought in Puerto Vallarta

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Julia @ thebooandtheboy said...

I think Jen's shirt is from my hand me downs...I had two of that shirt - one I bought and mom gave me one too.