June 22, 2013

friday night dinner out

I went out to dinner last night with my folks. They had me choose the restaurant, so I went with Union 613 since I've been wanting to take them there for ages (it might be my favourite restaurant in Ottawa). We ate alot of really amazing food (the catfish and grits seem to be what I keep end up ordering) and it was so good we didn't mind so much that our server lost our order about an hour into it. Anyway, I took some photos in my dressing room before leaving...it was about 35 degrees outside and about the same in that damn room. The window (among many others in my falling-apart house) is broken so we avoid opening it. I was so miserable by the time I finished with the photos that I changed into a black sleeveless shirt, flat sandals (those heels are REALLY uncomfortable) and I even changed my ring (it was tight). I finally got to use my new (used) Alexander Wang Devere bag - but was shocked to discover it can't really be held by the handle because the buckle that closes the lid doesn't latch very well. UGH!

shirt ~ H&M
jeans ~ Zara
heels ~ Zara
bag ~ Alexander Wang Devere in ostrich-effect midnight blue
belt ~ Brave
ring ~ Aldo

2 notes:

Peggy said...

I dearly love those jeans with those heels. My favorite look - dressed up jeans. I even pinned the last photo with your feet to my pinterest. I wouldn't have been able to wear those either, but they sure look cute!

Too friggin' hot here. Have nothing to wear. Ugh. I'm moving. To Seattle or Portland.

kim. said...

i love summer and would do anything to be able to move to a warmer climate but dealing with humid 40 celsius without AC is a little tough.