June 27, 2013


I want a new denim jacket. I have two, an old one from Gap that is shapeless, and a cheap from Garage that is a good color but too big on me (well not now, nothing is too big now, but normally). I went to Forever 21 last night and did pick up this one but I'm fairly certain I'll return it. I'm actually not even sure why I bought it since, as a general rule, I do not like anything bejeweled, embroidered, bedazzled, embellished etc.  I want one that is soft, lighter in color, and a size or two too small as I do not intend to do it up and like the really fitted look.

While looking around my fave sites, I noticed that Style Exchange is having a huge sale on designer denim so if you're interested you might want to rush over and see what's left. You're welcome!

Here's what I found so far in my hunt for the perfect denim jacket:

Levis via Aritzia
Talula via Aritzia


Forever 21
BDG via Urban Outfitters

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kim. said...

Love the Talula one

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