May 1, 2013

wednesday at the office....and a new bag!

A kind reader by the name of Tatiana emailed the other day that she remembered I had blogged about wanting an Alexander Wang Devere bag. She is moving out of Ottawa and looking to get rid of some of her stuff, including a midnight blue ostrich-effect Devere bag. We met at lunch today (I nearly passed out when I noticed her Céline bag from about 30 feet away) and I went back to work with a new bag! I can't wait to find out what other goodies she's looking to part with. WHO KNEW there was someone else in Ottawa who has a clue about higher-end designers??!! As she pointed out, it's a bit sad walking around with designer duds when maybe 1% of the people around you have a clue what you're wearing. Anyway, I digress. So here is my new bag. (P.S. I need to get myself organized to start selling some bags and clothes I no longer want...more on that soon - I hope)

Before heading back to work since my sister came with me and we were actually outdoors, she snapped a few photos of my outfit while outside Holt Renfrew (go figure that was our meeting place).

blouse ~ Care of You via YOOX
pants ~ Sfera (Puerto Vallarta)
spiked flats ~ Belle Sigerson Morrison via SSENSE
necklace ~ Sfera
bracelet ~ vintage Guy Vidal via the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show
basket weave ring ~ Shazel (Puerto Vallarta)
other ring ~ Samantha Howard Vintage via the Ottawa Antique Show
earrings ~ (damn, forgot to get a close up) Robert Larin

3 notes:

Honnie said...

I love this bag; good job. I just received the Wang Rocco bag in black with rose gold hardware as a gift, love it, but I'm pretty sure no one in Ottawa will know what it is or care. Oh well, I love it. Anyhow, I've been meaning to mention this to you. I sell a lot of my old stuff at AMH style. They are excellent, and so nice to deal with, although not I'm sure if they are still taking summer clothes appointments.

I also sell my things at Rikochet Resale. I find they are not quite as pleasant to deal with, although fine, however, bonus is that you can just walk in and consign your stuff sans appointment.

kim. said...

I WILL KNOW WHAT IT IS! :-) That's one of my fav Wang bag styles (and blk with rose gold is my fav combo!). I have to get one eventually.
when I bought this bag off of Tatiana she told me she had done to Rikochet to see about selling it there (and her other ones). Her and I were both shocked that I didn't know about that store. Nor do I know about AMH Style. Have I been living under a rock?? And Wellington is my 'hood! I've got to check both of them out ASAP!!!

Honnie said...

I have a feeling AMH style will LOVE you. Like I said, they are super nice and very good to their clients and it's a nice environment to leave some extra nice pieces at (you don't want to leave your babies behind somewhere where they'll be unhappy). You should definitely stop in one day. If you're interested in selling something that they are in need of, they will make room for you. You should mention you blog too; bet they will like that. It is a dangerous place for a shopper though ... you sell your old stuff ... get some money and then spend it right away. I try to be good though most of the time. It's an exercise in discipline.