May 29, 2013

wednesday at the office

shirt ~ Topshop
pants ~ Joe Fresh
wedges ~ Jeffrey Campbell's Muriel via Little Burgundy Shoes
necklace ~ Robert Larin via Samantha Howard Vintage via the Ottawa Antique Show
bracelet ~ Guy Vidal via the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show
rings ~ Samantha Howard Vintage via the Ottawa Antique Show and a local shop

5 notes:

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim

Always look forward to your posts on here and dti...especially anything marc jacobs! Just splurged on my first bag purchase!...just wondering if Jen is ok? Havn't seen any new posts from her for a while :)

Emma (from little ole NZ)

kim. said...

sweet! which one did you get?
Jen is fine. not sure why she has ditched the blog.

jen@closetrivalry said...

Kim has no idea how I am... She hasn't called in weeks.
I'm still quite sick, and getting very big. Being 5'1" and this large is taking quite the toll on my body. Also nothing fits anymore, so I wear the same few dresses over and over...not very blog worthy! Thanks for asking about me!

Anonymous said...

I got the hillier hobo in black...not the one I had planned thought a Fran would be better but was a bit too big. They are very expensive here about $800 so I waited till I was in Melbourne for work and got it it! Jen I just started following you on instagram which I've just got into...em_yates_nz...will warn you now..Im cat mad! Love your blog...we have such limited fashion stores here in NZ so I'm always online checking out what is on offer.


kim. said...

$800? that's quite a mark-up. the hillier is a great basic bag.
(Jen and I should out buttons to our instagram on here - mine's kim_dti)