May 7, 2013


Today I woke up with the urge to wear some sort of heel, so I did, for no good reason and with nowhere to go. I dropped Gia off at preschool, and me and my wedges did a bit of shopping and enjoyed a coffee break while soaking up the sun.

I had to include a few pics of Gianna, who was so excited to wear this dress because it has a belt "like Daddy". She announced it to her whole class the moment she walked in the door...too cute.

Gia's dress and belt: JoeFresh
dress: Marshalls
shoes: Aldo
necklace and thick band ring: Forever 21
garnet ring and earrings: my Mom's

3 notes:

kim. said...

you both look adorable...but maybe Gia more ;)

Shabana Buwalda said...

your dress is so perfect!

vanessa said...

Love this post!!