May 9, 2013

thursday at the office

Today was a super shitty day at work right from the get-go. But in the end all of the crap that occurred wasn't so bad because I was wearing my favourite jeans, my favourite sandals and my favourite jacket. And it's almost the weekend.

satin jacket ~ Aritzia (Wilfred Free)
dragon tank ~ Urban Outfitters
bf jeans ~ J Brand Aidan via Aritzia
wedge sandals ~ Maison Martin Margiela via YOOX
cuff ~ Rolling Stones Leather (Puerto Vallarta)
ring ~ Aldo

4 notes:

Holly Bruns said...

Woah, those are seriously fine sandals. Hooray for the weekend!

Peggy said...

lookin' good babe. this is my all time favorite look! dressed up jeans! you look fabulous! i love that you are being photographed in an ally too, adds just the right amount of industrial vibe, which i know you are digging these days. can you include those to-die-for-sandals in the package you are sending me? lol writing about you and your sis today, will forward link when complete. happy friday!

kim. said...

thanks Peggy! I am really glad we found this alley right next door to our building. i do love the colours and industrial vibe.
NO WAY are you getting these shoes....but I do know of a lamp I'd consider packaging up.....