May 10, 2013

this weeks purchases

I had to run out for a few things at the grocery store yesterday, and since I was childless I thought I'd go to the Superstore to see if there were any new, pregnancy friendly items at JoeFresh

First up is this great shirt dress. I got a large so it should be roomy enough to wear all summer. I couldn't decide between black and this great blueish color, and since it was only $29 I might go back and get the blue one in a small for post baby wearing. It's just that nice.

This swing dress was just $16. It's got cute pockets, and despite being a small, has lots of room for me to grow. It's actually so roomy that it ends up looking rather shapeless so I'll probably have to belt it above the belly.

I grabbed this shirt ($19) to try on thinking I could get a small, and just wear it open until after baby. To my surprise, I can actually do up the buttons! I like the idea of a shirt that has intentional wrinkles since it means not having to iron, but I'll have to get used to the messy look.

2 notes:

kim. said...

Love all of this. Damn I wish my regular grocery store was a Superstore.

Anonymous said...

I just can't buy Joe F after this: