May 19, 2013

sunday errands

This is the last time this top will make an appearance on this blog. It looks terrible on me. Chicks with boobs should never wear tent tops. I look massive. Too bad because it's super comfy, I love the colours and it's from one of my favourite shops. I'll add it to the sell pile, which I'm hoping to start listing on here one of these days. 

top ~ All Saints
jeans ~ Zara
flats ~ Aldo
bag ~ Balenciaga Day via Karen's shop
bracelets ~ Aldo
ring ~ Aldo

4 notes:

Anonymous said...

i think it doesn't look as bad as you think!
you should wear it with skinny jeans, though. makes it less "tenty" :)

have a great day!

kim. said...

i think that actually makes it look worse. LOL

Peggy said...

i love your jeans and your bracelets. have you tried tying up the shirt? it's kinda cute, maybe just needs styled differently.

kim. said...

i think it just needs to die. :).... i do have an idea tho'....