May 1, 2013

new shoes

Today Gia and I took my mom downtown to the Croc store to grab some cottage shoes for Gia, and so my Mom could check out their line of wedges. I think Crocs are adorable for kids, and practical for adults who garden, but hideous for anyone else. After spotting some cute wedges, and discovering how comfy they were when I tried them on I decided to go against my better judgement and buy my first pair of Crocs. What do you think?

(Sorry about the iPhone pics, but my power is out and I've got only a short window to blog today)

3 notes:

kim. said...

the key is they do NOT look like crocs. they're actually pretty cute.

Dayanti Karunaratne said...

I bought a pair of wedges from Crocs and they fell apart pretty quick. Took them back, got a new pair, the same is happening. These look more sturdy — hope they work out!

chantal said...

Like kim said... they dont look at all like crocs! I think people who hear that name have the same general plastic ugly shoe in their minds eye.... but one you see some of their shoes, kinda cute for summer!!! Nice pick! I like:-)