May 31, 2013

new in this week

I mentioned about a week ago that I was ordering some Adidias sneakers from Gravity Pope. I picked them up at the post office a couple of days ago (I hate when you have to sign for it) and they are awesome! I'm going to be wearing them alot for running errands (I did today but it was too damn hot to be in anything but flip flops)

Since this weekend is the first of 3 months of long weekends for me I decided to treat myself after work yesterday to a trip to Holt Renfrew. Not that it's really that much of a treat as I am becoming more and more frustrated with THE ONLY STORE SELLING DESIGNER DUDS IN OTTAWA. I'm going to keep ordering online because it's hopeless. That's not to say I didn't buy anything. This first item I need your opinions on. I have 2 weeks to return for a full refund, and I'm torn on whether or not to keep it. Mostly because it's a jumpsuit, and I have never owned a jumpsuit.

It's by Maison Scotch and was $179 so not really cheap. I thought it would be comfy in the summer when it's really warm out. Do you guys think I should keep it?

My other purchase was a pair of black camo Hudson skinny jeans on sale. I saw this and had heart palpitations because I have been craving something camo for ages (I have nothing camo besides some cheap Aldo flats). I even got them a size smaller than my normal because it was all they had left.

P.S. I tried these on these Valentino espadrilles because they were on sale but OMG they were so awkwardly uncomfortable. Not worth the sale price of $332 or something like that. These were on sale for $160 - tempting!

4 notes:

AMR said...

I vote return. You could do better with that $179. Way. :)

Topperlett said...

Agreed, I say return. It's just ok, not nearly as flattering as the black camo jeans.

kim. said...

I'm returning them....i have to now as I've already ordered stuff online to replace them. :)

jen@closetrivalry said...

great shoes.
i'm glad you're returning aren't curvy enough for it.