May 6, 2013

monday at the office

I'm pretty excited that my twin and I found this awesome little alley next door to our building that seems perfect for photos shoots without being so out in the open (read: embarrassing). And to note, she said she had 1.5 minutes before she had to catch her bus so I didn't even have time to put down my camera case and sunglasses.
P.S. Stay tuned for yet another purchase thanks to the kind reader who suckered me into buying that Wang bag (I kid, I'm pretty easily convinced).

tank ~ Jacob
jeans ~ Sfera (Puerto Vallarta)
lucite-heeled pumps ~ Aldo
bracelet ~ F21
rings ~ Heavens to Betsy (circle) and other found by my husband

2 notes:

vanessa said...

Love the mix of pattern on pattern!