May 21, 2013

got my hair did

Today was my day off filled with appointments - including a haircut and colour. The results are pretty boring as I did my usual blond highlights for the summer and a pretty serious trim of the overgrown short cut I had gotten in Nov (can't believe I haven't had a cut since then). I am really happy with the results though. This way I can keep growing out my 'do without looking so freaking shaggy...although I think I am digging this length, especially when I do it curly. Unfortunately I didn't have time to stop at Heavens to Betsy as I always do on haircut day because I had my vet stopping by the house for a checkup on the herd right after. My next day off if it's nice I might walk down to Wellington St. and just shop and walk and shop.

P.S. My tail is gone! WOHOO!
P.P.S. Featuring my little princess Mimin.

6 notes:

Jennifer Romero said...

The New Do looks great! I really like the length.

jen@closetrivalry said...

I like the front, and vote that you grow out the back.

kim. said...

thanks Jenn!

kim. said...

agreed. at least now i don't have that tail at the back so it can look normal growing out.

Peggy said...

really cute! you look fabulous! love the kittie in the pic. how awesome that your vet makes house calls!

kim. said...

thx! that's Mimin. and yes, my vet is awesome. :)