May 18, 2013

goodies from murale

My twin and I went to Murale at lunch the other day and I ended up with 3 nail polishes and a blush. That place is seriously my candy store.

I really only went in to get the blush and some Clinique lip chubby sticks (I'm obsessed) but they had none of the colours I wanted in stock. UGH! The NARS blush I bought is Deep Throat. I had read on Anna's blog that she liked it because it's Orgasm but with less sparkle and a tone that leans just slightly more pink than coral, which is exactly what I wanted.

While trying to find Clinique chubby sticks I noticed a display of Clinique nail polishes. I immediately spotted Concrete Jungle and knew I had to have it. It's like the colour of sidewalks. It's going to be my new favourite I'm sure. I just hope it's long lasting.

Then I found a Deborah Lippman colour that I thought was cool - Stormy Weather - a super nice charcoal grey.

And because I only needed to spend $11 more to get a $30 gift card, I reached behind me and grabbed a Chanel nail polish (way more than $11, in typical Kim fashion). It's so amazing how it's blue or green, depending on the angle. It's called Azure.

And on a side note, my mom got me this gorgeous, super-soft snood as a mother's day I wouldn't feel left out, as she's slowly realizing the only grandkids she's going to get out of me are of the 4 legged variety.

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