May 4, 2013

all saints has gone canadian!!!

To my absolute shock and amazement, I discovered some great news the other day when I visited the All Saints website. This store is a favourite of mine, but after a shipping fiasco the only time I ever ordered from them, I decided to never order online from them again. Since then I have only ever once had the opportunity to visit one of their shops in person (that was in Vegas - bottom of this post). Well, it seems they have opened a store in Toronto at the Yorkdale Mall (my fav mall) and have consequently changed their shipping costs to Canada. Shipping is free (oddly enough, it was before but in reality, NOT SO MUCH) and it looks like there is no duty/brokerage and that nonsense. WOHOO!!! Here are some things I'd love to get my hands on.

virga tank
vinton cari shorts
ashen ashby jeans
leopard hoody
estelle sleeveless blazer
roseport biker shorts
swoop edge tank 
dash leather tank
aya denim jacket
teko dress
cheetara tank
reika denim dress
buckled jodhpur boot
lulu wedge

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