April 5, 2013

yesterday's goodies

As I mentioned yesterday, my sister and I raced over to the mall at lunch (exciting for me since I never take lunch breaks) and hit up a couple of stores. She wanted a new gym bag from Aritzia and I managed to leave the store empty handed. Julia also wanted some cheap jewelry so we went to Forever 21 where they carry the cheapest jewelry on the planet. I managed to pick up 5 rings and a tiny necklace. I think one of the rings and the necklace were $1.80. Ridic. (I don't really like any F21 jewelry that is bigger than rings because it starts to look really cheap).

While in F21 I spotted this croc wristlet for $23.80 that totally reminds me of Stella McCartney bags, but 1/100 the price.

 On our way out we stopped in at MAC because I desperately needed a brown eyeshadow. I only have 1, and I bought it at Club Monaco 15 years ago when I worked there. Gross. It's 'concrete' (Jen - do you have this one?). And in the past few months I have been slowly replacing my cheap drugstore and old Club Monaco makeup brushes with REAL ones. What an amazing difference. The blush brush I've been using is a not bad one from The Body Shop but the hairs push out to the outsides and leaves a gap in the middle which drives me totally mental. So right before I paid for the shadow I asked the sales chick to point out a blush brush I should get and she said the angles 168 is her fav. I stupidly didn't ask how much it was and just paid for both, only to realize it was $42. Better be worth it.

2 notes:

jen@closetrivalry said...

no, don't have that one. you should try quo brushes from shoppers...cheap and good! i've been replacing all mine with those and really like them.

gabriella said...

if you're doing any angular brushes i prefer the sephora ones over the quo and they're about the same price point!