April 17, 2013

wednesday at the office

Today was a very good day. Julia brought spaghetti and meatballs and dessert to work for me for lunch and it was AWESOME. Then my mechanic calls and says he's tried driving around in my Scion for 2 days and cannot get the noise to happen that the brakes have been doing since I bought the car in the fall. I then drove it for about an hour and a half and it turns out he wasn't bullshitting me - no noise! I love how many times I catch people staring at my car. It's a rarity up here in Canada. And it's damn cute. Anyhoo, so I drove it to Henry's camera store to pick up my Fuji X10 FINALLY that the Fuji assholes wanted to charge me $300 to fix the sticky shutter button (because it was apparently my fault and not covered under warranty). So I get in the car, pull out the camera, press on the shutter button and IT IS NOT STICKY! WTF?!?! They were going to charge me $300 for something that fixed itself?? I don't get it. Maybe they took it apart and this dried out whatever the hell was making it stick. I missed this camera more than I knew I could miss a camera. I'm going to sleep with it next to my pillow tonight. ;) (I kid - that's where Cheeks sleeps).

blazer ~ H&M
t-shirt ~ Gap
jeans ~ Old Navy Rockstar skinnies
flats ~ Aldo
necklace & bangle & ring with circles ~ Samantha Howard Vintage via the Ottawa Antique Show
bracelet ~ Pandora
basket weave ring ~ Shazel (Puerto Vallarta)

6 notes:

Lyn said...

Great day! And you looked great, too. Love that magenta jacket!

vanessa said...

Love all the good news!! You DESERVE!!!

jen@closetrivalry said...

you look pretty in pink. and yay for a good day!

kim. said...

wasn't a good hair day but good everything else!