April 25, 2013

this weeks purchases

I'm trying not to buy too much, knowing that in a few weeks I'll be needing to find some shorts, dresses and warmer weather clothes, but I needed a few sweaters/cardigans since the mornings are still chilly. I found 2 at Jacob that should fit me for the next few months, and are my normal size so I'll still be able to wear them post baby.  I picked up a basic long open cardigan in black, and a high-low cardigan that can be worn in a bunch of ways.

A friend of mine was raving about this Garnier BB cream. I was hesitant to try it, because I had just bought one by Oil of Olay, and ended up throwing it out as it turned my skin a weird orange. I saw the Garnier cream on sale at the Supertore for about $17 so I picked one up.  Let me say this cream is amazing. It blends in perfectly, has great coverage without being cakey, and really brightens my skin. I haven't worn concealer or foundation since buying it; I just put a little of my MAC powder over top and I'm ready to go. I think I'm hooked. 

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kim. said...

ohhhhh....i gotta try that cream!