April 10, 2013

this weeks purchases

I went out to meet some friends downtown for dinner last night. It was the first time in over 9 weeks that I've been out after dark. I was so excited to get out that I didn't snap any pictures of my outfit but I did a little shopping beforehand so here's what I bought:

Up first, a refill of one of my fave eye shadows, MAC's Naked Lunch. I bought one of these lip sticks from Revlon last week and fell in love with it. It's long lasting, but unlike most it doesn't dry or make my lips peel. I wanted something orangy so I picked up a ColorStay ultimate Suede in Cruise Collection.

I got a stack of Old Navy maternity maxi skirts. I'm not a huge fan of wearing maxi skirts since I'm so short, but for lack of other options in the maternity department, I'm willing to give them a try.

I found this adorable dress at Marshall's for $19. It's got a cute cut out back but I can still wear a bra with it. I'm just hoping it's long enough to accommodate my belly come the hot summer months.

I've been looking for replacement black flats and found these smoking slippers by Kate & Mel at The Shoe Company. They are so comfy, and for such simple shoes they sure did draw a lot of compliments when I wore them out last night.

I came across these two at Aldo, and they arrived in the mail late last week. The stripped ones are a nice basic staple (ie: kind of boring), but the Aztec inspired flats...oh my goodness I'm obsessed with them!

2 notes:

Jo Ro said...

I just bought that very same lipstick.

Love the woven flats.

kim. said...

i gotta try that lipstick. and maybe that eyeshadow. love everything else and the woven flats looked awesome on you.