April 7, 2013

the ottawa antique show

I mentioned yesterday that I went to the Ottawa Antique Show and only really purchased some jewelry. Nothing wrong with that, especially since the jewelry I picked up is my favourite style of all time - modernist mid-century. Samantha of Samantha Howard Vintage from Toronto had the most amazing collection of Canadian and Scandinavian pieces. I was in heaven.

On Friday before I left the show I snapped up this incredible Robert Larin thunderbolt pendant necklace.

Yesterday I went back to Samantha's booth to do some more drooling and ended up with a little bangle and super cute ring.

Another vendor had a massive collection of military pins and buttons so I grabbed a pin for $10. I should have bought a bunch to decorate a jean or cargo jacket. DAMN.

And here are some photos I took of non decor-related things I found at the show.

2 notes:

My Little Bungalow said...

Great shots of some wonderful items! I love turquoise jewelry, and my mouth fell open when I saw the Bakelite bangles (I collect Bakelite and have several bangles and pairs of earrings). I especially love the orange faceted bangle! Would love to know what the prices were like. In the US, Bakelite can be pricey but I've gotten some great deals.

The pieces of jewelry you bought are great, especially that cool ring!

kim. said...

i don't know the prices of the bangles but when i was tagging them the vendor told me they were buy 1 get 1 free. :)
thx Claudia!