April 28, 2013

sunday at the ottawa vintage clothing show

Jen and I attended the semi-annual Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show for the first time last November and we had a blast (see here). The spring edition was today and Jen ditched me in order to go up to her cottage for the first time this season so I dragged my twin sister along. Of course, I picked up a few things....and one of which I'm very proud of. I think I'll save my purchases for tomorrow since I have the day off work and won't be doing an outfit post. I'll start you off with some photos from the show since I able to get in a bit early to snap away undisturbed. P.S. I have never seen so many handbags in one room in my life.

Justyna was lusting after this dress (feather stole included). It was the prettiest item at the show.  

The suitcase above was pretty neat - it is that of Miss Canada 1954 - Barbara Jean Markham.

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Featherstone Vintage said...

Thank you for the pictures. Now I know that I HAVE to come from Montreal for the next one.