April 23, 2013

semi-annual haircut day

After dropping Gia at preschool I headed over to the salon. I got my hair did, and I love love love the result. It's dark again, with a hint of purple thrown in for fun. My stylist ran out of time and couldn't straighten it, so the blow out is a little fluffier then I'd prefer but it will make for perfect second day hair tomorrow!

As for the outfit, I got me another pair of mat jeans. I'd love to have paired them with a plain long sleeve tee in say an orange or another fun bright color, but I cannot find any friggin shirts that aren't horribly ugly. I think I might have to cave and place a little order from ASOS. I just find paying duty on clothes pretty ridiculous, but I'm getting desperate over here.

sweater: Talula via Aritzia
tank & jeans: Motherhood
shoes: Verona

8 notes:

kim. said...

HOLY SHIT! YOUR HAIR IS AWESOME!!! (is it purple or auburn or just funny camera tricks?)

Jo Ro said...

Love the do (& your baby bellah)

swati said...

you two curse too much. after a time it's not cute anymore.

kim. said...

i don't know what jen's excuse is but i'm not doing it to be cute. i have a sailor mouth. that's reality.

jen@closetrivalry said...

Thanks ladies!
Kim- it's purple
Swati- blame my mom, it's her fault :)

Julia @ thebooandtheboy said...

Yup, I blame the cursing on the Italian blood FOR SURE.

Anonymous said...

Sailors ARE cute!!! :)
I take the cursing with a sense of humour. All good here!