April 29, 2013

purchases from the vintage clothing show

As I mentioned yesterday, I purchased some items at the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show. First up, we were checking out handbags at this booth ("Sharona's Closet").

My twin sister and I found a bunch of cool handbags here, most of which were marked down half price. She bought one, and I picked up these 2 leather ones ($11 & $12).

Next was a booth that had tons of costume jewelry. TONS.

Sitting on the base of that necklace and bracelet stand to the left was a bracelet that caught my eye, as it looked familiar.  I saw no name on the back but I did see a little symbol that I figured meant it was by an artist. I knew I had to snag it as it had a price tag of $45. Sure enough, I found out later at another booth of modernist jewelry that the symbol means it's made by Guy Vidal. (It is in fact THIS exact bracelet that my one of my favourite modernist jewelry shops is carrying right now for $245). SCORE!!!

I mentioned there was a booth of modernist jewelry at the show. (YES!!!) The seller carried some really amazing pieces from all of my favourite designers like Robert Larin and Guy Vidal. We had a great time chatting and I really hope she ends up opening a little shop here in Ottawa (she'll be the only one specializing in this style of jewelry).

Here's what I could not leave the show without....a gorgeous pewter necklace by Swedish designer R. Landerholm (1960-1970), and earrings by Robert Larin.

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