April 8, 2013

monday at the office

My apologies but I was left to fend for myself with photos today and without my beloved Fuji x10 I decided it's iPhone or nothing. Speaking of my Fuji, I finally got a call about it. Fuji claims the mysterious stickiness in the shutter button was my fault, some substance I put there that somehow turned the little hole in the center of the button red. WTF?!?! If I wanted it fixed it would not be covered by my extended warranty because it's apparently my fault and would cost me almost $300 (the camera was $400). I told the kind lady NO THANKS, GIVE ME MY CAMERA BACK! (that will take another week) Now I'm pissed, and I need to do some research on how to unstick a sticky shutter button.

shirt with leather trim ~ Club Monaco
navy animal print skinnies ~ Old Navy Rockstar
denim vest ~ Gap jacket with sleeves cut off
boots ~ vintage DKNY via Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show
necklace & bangle & ring finger ring ~ Samantha Howard Vintage via the Ottawa Antique Show
basketweave ring ~ Shazel (Puerto Vallarta)
watch ~ Michael Kors
bracelet ~ Heavens to Betsy

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