April 30, 2013

latest online purchases

I finally made my first online purchase at YOOX. I love this site because they carry awesome designers at discount prices (end-of-season, random sizes and quantities). They are NOT Canadian but they are very up-front about their shipping. They charge based on how much you spend (ie. $25 for orders over $400), ship via UPS but duty and taxes are included and no brokerage fees. So you pay shipping up front, knowing exactly what the fee is, and that's it. I picked out 3 items and they are awesome.

First up, a black & white blouse that caught my eye despite being made by a brand I don't know (Care of You), but it was only $51 so I decided to jump on it. (Yep, it needs ironing)

I was really stoked about this next item because it's by Rick Owens (his less expensive DRKSHDW) line). I do not own anything by Rick Owens, have never seen anything by Rick Owens in person, and was curious to see how this would fit (they only had a large and since high end designer clothing seems to be sized for anorexics, I figured a large was appropriate for someone with boobs, and shoulders).

It actually turned out to be pretty big but I have no idea if this vest is made big or if his large is actually sized for normal people.
Anyhoo, next up, some sandals. These are seriously cool, fit perfectly and are amazingly comfortable. I will be wearing these ALOT this summer. By Maison Martin Margiela.

I didn't realize they have a magnet at the top to keep them from flopping (although the leather is stiff enough I doubt it would be an issue).

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Julia @ thebooandtheboy said...

you did good on all three. love 'em.